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Roy Wood Jr’s New Show

Roy Wood Jr is taking over Comedy Central! He has been a correspondent on The Daily Show, Host of This is Not Happening, and multiple stand up specials.  Now his is getting his own show that is based off his early life; it is even being filmed in his hometown. Jefferson County: Probation starts shooting in May, we will keep you posted as to when it is supposed to premiere.  Congratulations Roy Wood Jr!

Chris Hardwick and ID10T

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Everyone knows Chris Hardwick’s podcast ID10T but do you know where the name comes from?

ID10T is a joke IT code that essentially means [user error]. I like it because it reminds us that we can take responsibility for our own lives.

or If you prefer it as a limerick:

There once was a code, t’was a joke
Meant [user error], a jolly nerd wrote
I liked it because,
It doth remind us
That we are all in the same friggin’ boat.

Either way means the same thing. You can see it written many different ways on and changing the mood filter. It is really fun to read it as a pirate. You know what is also fun…. Seeing Chris Hardwick live at Comedy Works Downtown April 11th – 13th!


Norm Macdonald and The Perfect Joke


“His refusal to stop saying things like that on TV fits his image, among his fans, as a comedian who prioritizes the joke above all else — even his career.” says NyTimes reporter, Dan Brooks. Brooks goes on to say “To his thinking, though, he has moved steadily closer to his own ideal of what comedy can or should be.” Norm MacDonald has always been one of a kind. The unapologetic and truthful yet silly humor that Norm has on stage is unrivaled. Come see for yourself at Comedy Works South at the Landmark on April 12th and 13th!

Jack Whitehall and Lizzo

Did you know that Jack Whitehall can twerk?  He learned from the master, Lizzo, last time he was on Jonathon Ross’ talk show! Jack still has some work to do on his twerking skills but not on his comedy. One of the biggest names in comedy in England, Jack Whitehall will be at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square April 5th and 6th! Get Tickets now they are going fast!

Jon Reep’s New Album

Jon Reep is a unique and hilarious comic. He is also the biggest minority there is, a blue eyed ginger.  There are many things that makes this guy special, hence why you should listen to his new special. You can hear it on any streaming service. Keep an eye on Comedy Works’ calendar to see him live!

Nimesh Patel Conversation with Joe Rogan

Despite Nimesh Patel being the first Indian writer on Saturday Night Live, the students at Columbia University think they know comedy better than him. Last year Nimesh was asked to do a show celebrating the asian culture at Columbia University and part way through his set, the organizers took the microphone away from him. Listen to his response on The Joe Rogan Experience! You should definitely get tickets to Nimesh Patel at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square March 31st and April 1st!