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Chappelle and Stewart

I think we can all agree that we do not see enough of Jon Stewart these days. Luckily though, in this social climate, Stewart and Chappelle are co-headlining a tour. It is the perfect time to hear some rational thought. Listen to this thought provoking interview from CNN.

Rocky Dale Davis meeting Ralphie May

Rocky Dale Davis was still in the beginning stages of his career when Ralphie May changed  his life. This week on the Bertcast with Bert Kreischer they discuss what a great guy and reminisce about how Ralphie helped Rocky in his career.  Watch this clip to see the full story on how Rocky and Ralphie came to meet; it is truly a serendipitous story. Get tickets to see Rocky Dale Davis at Comedy Works South at the Landmark this weekend November 8 – 10, 2018!

Josh Wolf Knows How to Live Life

Josh Wolf is high energy, charismatic, and funny on stage but would you believe he is that way off stage too? Well you should! Josh is a just as much fun off stage as he is on. Between his instagram posts giving fun parenting advice to his weekly show Chaos with Josh on youtube, he is never not having fun. His podcast with Freddie Prinze Jr., Prinze and the Wolf, is full of silliness and admiration for one another’s work. If you don’t have Josh Wolf in your life, you need to do yourself a favor and enjoy his stories and silliness!

Cameron Esposito Breaking the Mold

Cameron Esposito is breaking the mold by commenting on a conversational subject. Read this interview with Cameron about her newest special, Rape Jokes, that came out this summer.  Esposito’s mission is to use  her new  comedy special to open a larger conversation about sexual assault.  Donate to RAINN, the nations largest anti-sexual violence organization, then download this special. Come see Cameron live at Comedy Works November 1st -3rd!

The Degenerates

Netflix is bringing a new type of half hour comedy special; these are hilarious and dirty. Get a half hour of pure comedy genius from your favorite comedians like: Joey Diaz, Brad Williams, Chrisinta P. , Liza Treyger, Big Jay Oakerson, Yamaneika Saunders. Be aware this is not for the easily offended but for the debaucherous comedy fan! Enjoy this trailer. Then visit Comedy Works to see when one of these comics are coming to Denver.