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Pete Davidson and Judd Apatow

Pete Davidson Story to be Judd Apatow’s Next Big Project

Judd Apatow has worked with so many comedians and helped them become a household name. Pete Davidson has already made a huge splash in the comedy community being the youngest cast member of SNL. These two are joining forces to make a movie, which will be based off Pete Davidson life. Production starts this spring and is scheduled to be released June 19, 2020.

Nick Guerra Love Advice

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day weekend than with Nick Guerra? Why you ask? Well whether you are in a relationship or single Nick has so Love Advice. A blog that you can find at  Nick analyzes his best and worst flaws when it comes to love. Maybe you can relate? Watch the video and see if you disagree! To make this is even sweeter, Nick will be at Comedy Works South at the Landmark on February 14th to 17th….Get you tickets now!

NBA Celebrity All Star Game

NBA Celebrity All Star Game is Full of Comedians and Dr. Oz!

The NBA Celebrity All Star game airs February 15 at 7pm on ESPN. Be sure to tune in or record the game because it will be a sight to see! Brad Williams and Adam Ray will be taking the court and who would want to miss that?  Last time Adam Ray was here, he confessed to the audience that his dream as a child was to play in the NBA. Come  see Adam Ray at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square February 21st – 23rd and hear how his dream came true!

Sincerely Fortune!

Sincerely Fortune. podcast

Fortune finally has a podcast! Her instagram brings her followers so much joy and now we get to spend 30 minutes with Fortune every week. The concept of the podcast being, “she discusses a new topic every week in a more real, sincere way.” Fortune is a Genuine delight and will have topics that affect her and many others, like Resolutions and divorce to just name a few. Check it out on iTunes, Spotify, or Castbox. If half hour once a week is not enough to quench your Fortune fix then be sure to get your tickets to see her live at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square June 21st – 22nd!

Sam Jay and Langston Kerman Get Some Serious Praise

Legendary Patton Oswalt gives his opinion on Grammy worthy comedy albums released in 2019. Sam Jay and Langston Kerman were in the top 5 along with John Mulaney and Hannah Gadsby. Huge praise going Sam and Langston’s way from one of the most respected comics out there right now! We are so excited to see both in the coming months.

Langston Kerman (See him LIVE February 24th – 27th)

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Sam Jay (See her LIVE May 30th – June 1st)

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Ron Funches, Brian Posehn, and TRUTH

There are many theories on how comedy should work. Ron Funches and Brian Posehn discuss their take and all roads lead to being truthful to yourself. Fans gravitate towards truth whether they relate to it or not.  Every comic has an evolution. Come see these guys at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square this year. Ron Funches (March 21st – 23rd) and Brian Posehn (June 6th -8th).

Natasha Leggero has a new show!

Though Another Period has ended, we won’t have to wait long for a new masterpiece from Natasha Leggero. CBS recently started developing the show Rachet. Co- written by Natasha Leggero and Morgan Murphy, this show will follow a recent widow played by Natasha Leggero. But until this show airs, grab your tickets now to see her live at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square February 7th-9th!

Natasha Leggero Morgan Murphy

Comedy Starring Natasha Leggero In Works At CBS With Morgan Murphy