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Ron Funches, Brian Posehn, and TRUTH

There are many theories on how comedy should work. Ron Funches and Brian Posehn discuss their take and all roads lead to being truthful to yourself. Fans gravitate towards truth whether they relate to it or not.  Every comic has an evolution. Come see these guys at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square this year. Ron Funches (March 21st – 23rd) and Brian Posehn (June 6th -8th).

Natasha Leggero has a new show!

Though Another Period has ended, we won’t have to wait long for a new masterpiece from Natasha Leggero. CBS recently started developing the show Rachet. Co- written by Natasha Leggero and Morgan Murphy, this show will follow a recent widow played by Natasha Leggero. But until this show airs, grab your tickets now to see her live at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square February 7th-9th!

Natasha Leggero Morgan Murphy

Comedy Starring Natasha Leggero In Works At CBS With Morgan Murphy

Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin Podcast

Jackie Kashian talks about last time she was at Comedy Works. It was the weekend after the Presidential election. If you have ever wondered how it felt to do comedy right after Trump was elected, listen to Jackie’s experience! We have a new sweatshirt waiting for you Jackie! Be sure to grab your tickets now to see Jackie Kashian at Comedy Works South at the The Landmark!

About Last Night with Christina P.

When Christina P was on About Last Night, she speaks so highly of all her fans! Both Brad Williams and Adam Ray agree that Your Mom’s House are on the same level of juggernaut podcasts like Rogan and Maron. If you haven’t checked out Your Mom’s House, you are truly missing out on great interviews, videos, and most importantly the fart mic! Check out Christina P this weekend at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square! Be sure to come see Adam Ray in February for same silly fun at Comedy Works Downtown as well!

Riffin with Griffin


Erik Griffin is one of the genuinely nice guys of comedy.  I’m Dying Up Here, though it has been cancelled, truly propelled Erik’s career.  His podcast, Riffin with Griffin, is just a joy to listen to with or without a guest. Listen to his first episode, Who is Erik Griffin, and learn what an interesting guy Erik is, from his start in comedy to life as a teacher.