Cooking with Preacher

You recognize him from NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Preacher Lawson was in the top 5 finalists just last season, the highest rated to date.

If you didn’t catch his NBC debut, maybe you know him from his YouTube series, Cooking with a Comedian, which is actively uploading new videos as of today.

After spending time on a widely recognized T.V. network, Lawson is often questioned why he continues using YouTube as his main social media platform.

 You know why I like it? Because I was walking through the mall in Minnesota and someone recognized me — “Yo, Preacher.” That’s why. Because YouTube is the new television, except you control it. I can’t control if different TV shows pick me up, but I can control my YouTube account.

Lawson takes the trending phenomenon of being a “foodie” and makes it funny. He uploaded “How To Make AMAZING Ice Cream (Vegan)” just this past Tuesday.

How To Make Amazing Ice Cream (Vegan) from


  • Coconut Flakes
  • Cone
  • Vanilla Extract (1/2 tsp)
  • Dairy-free Chocolate Chips
  • Frozen Bananas (3 whole)
  • Coconut Cream (1 can)
  • Maple Syrup (1/2 tbsp)


  1. Blend Bananas in blender until smooth
  2. Add 1 can of Coconut Cream, hold water
  3. Add 1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract
  4. Add 1/2 tbsp of Maple Syrup (Lawson chose to use 1 tbsp)
  5. Blend together in blender to make cream
  6. Pour in Coconut Flakes and Chocolate Chips (pulse, don’t blend)
  7. Pour mixture into bowl with lid
  8. Freeze for 6 hours

Tips: When ready to eat, let thaw for 5-10min before trying to scoop

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Fahim Anwar Endorsed by Bill Burr

Nationally recognized comedian, Bill Burr sat down with Joey Neill of Tampa Bay’s Creative Loafing  for an interview. When asked if Burr had an up&comer on his radar, Fahim Anwar’s name is tossed into the ring.

“Being in the business for over 25 years, is there anyone coming up you’ve been paying attention to? ” asked Neill.

Oh yeah, I actually just saw someone the other night. This kid Fahim Anwar I really like. He’s a great joke writer and his onstage personality is really cool to watch.

Fahim Anwar traded in his career as an aerospace engineer to pursue his career in stand-up comedy. Anwar has released an hour special “There’s No Business Like Showbusiness.” You’ve seen him on CONAN, The Late Night With Seth Myers and popular movies like Neighbors and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Currently, Anwar is a writer for Comedy Central and is quickly rising to the big dog house of Comedy.

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Sean Patton Finally Cracks

You’ve seen him on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan and his Comedy Central Half Hour was released in 2013. Sean Patton shares a story he’d been bribed not to tell.

Patton sets the scene in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at comedy club The Funny Bone. Patton had been promised $100 at the beginning of the night for two sets. The first set, Patton described what it felt like to be “heckled by crickets.” The second set followed up even worse with a drunk crowd booing him off stage.

When Patton was getting paid out, the manager handed him $50. Patton questioned the payment, “I thought it was supposed to be $100?” and the manager answered, “I thought you were going to be better.” And that was that. His set barely got a smile and his pay was cut in half.

Patton thought to himself, “Well, all I want to do is get drunk, now.” And he did. Not long after sitting at the bar, a beautiful, 40-something-year-old woman plopped herself down next to him. She complimented his set and asked if he thought she was pretty. He indeed did think so and that delighted her. She immediately invited him back to her place to “get high.”

Patton drove himself and this woman to a gated community, an obviously very wealthy community with a key pad entry lock. The lady spewed off 3 or 4 combinations of numbers before the security guard came to check out the issue. The lady yelled something in what Patton described as “shitface” language and surprisingly enough, the security guard replied “Oh, OK!” and opened the gate.

The gorgeous exterior did not mirror the inside of the woman’s home. Patton remembered seeing rows of unwrapped ramen noodle squares towering out of an empty pizza box. “There was a refrigerator in the foyer room, laying on it’s side, open and it was on and it was full of trash,” Patton told Vice.

Completely ignoring the mess, the lady tells Patton she’s going to perform for him. Thinking the obvious, Patton sits back on the couch and awaits the show. To his surprise/disappointment, the woman reappears with a VCR and demands Patton hook it up to the TV. He does. She shoves a VHS tape into the device and illuminating the screen is a younger version of this woman acting in a small play.

Not exactly what Patton was expecting but he sticks around a little longer. Then the woman remembers the whole reason for inviting Patton over: to get high. As someone who had engaged in recreational drug use, Patton was familiar with marijuana and opiate aromas. But when the lady lit her pipe, Patton almost didn’t recognize the smell.

“That is crack. It fits the description as crack. That is a rock and it has that sweet-tinny smell that you hear about.”

The woman passes the pipe to Patton and he takes it in his hand. He pulls it over to the side of his face and pretends to smoke the crack. He even inhales a big gust of air to trick the lady. When he passes the pipe back, the lady is already clearly messed up from her first hit.

Patton realizes this is his best chance of escaping this situation and heads towards the door. Just as we think his crazy adventure is over, in walks mystery lady’s husband. From neck tie all the way to the brief case and his unsurprised face, Patton got the feeling this wasn’t the first time this guy had come home to a similar situation.

Before Patton could get a word out, he felt something hard contact with the back of his head. It was the woman. She was punching him from behind, completely losing her mind. The husband grabbed and contained her yelling “Deardra! Deardra!” and Patton realizes he never got the lady’s name. The husband tells Patton to stay put and comes back with a checkbook in place of Deardra.

The husband asked Patton to never speak of his encounter to anyone and wrote him a check for $500.

I made $50 bombing in front of dumb, f***ing idiot, Baton Rouge people, but I made $500 to basically never tell this story.


*all illustrations by Matt Marblo taken from*


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Date Night at Comedy Works!

A local blog titled, The Colorado Couple featured Comedy Works as their chosen destination for ‘Date Night.’ 

I’ll share the first part of our evening on a different blog post (worth the wait, we promise!) but for the second part, we watched a show at Comedy Works South (the Landmark). Chad Daniels was the comedian that night and he was HILARIOUS! We were definitely laughing the whole time and our stomachs hurt!

Photo taken from

The post begins with a friendly little reminder that Comedy Works does have a two item minimum policy during the comedy show. Colorado Couple suggests one person order drinks and the other orders desserts (great idea). The couple had never been to CW before and described the scene as “organized chaos.” As suggested when purchasing tickets, the couple arrived 30 minutes early to claim their tickets. 

If you’re waiting for the second show of the evening, like the Colorado Couple was doing, you are encouraged to wait in Comedy Works’ cocktail lounge, Lila B. The blog post makes you aware that any drinks purchased in Lila B do not count towards your two item minimum in the showroom. They also pointed out that eating dinner at the restaurant, Lucy, above the club will secure better seats in the showroom. 

In compliance with Comedy Works’ cell phone policy, the Colorado Couple suggested leaving your cell phones in your vehicle to avoid using the Yondr bags provided by the club. Yondr bags do not block cell phone service. The bags are soft and durable and exist only to prevent customers from using their phones during a show. 

All in all, we had so much fun and definitely worked our food off with all the laughter! ♡

Tuesday With Stories About Comedy Works

Comedians Mark Normand and Joe List host a weekly podcast called Tuesday With Stories.

Last weekend, Joe List graced Comedy Works stage and of course had to review his experience on episode #250 Big Purple Ball of the podcast.

They got the best staff in the business.

Mel is as sweet as pie.

The cool thing about Comedy Works is that they have real headliners…. We had Mike Stanley and John Tole…. Mike Stanley comes out on Thursday and is completely murdering! It’s one of those things where the MC might bury the feature. F***ing destroying…. This is great but it’s almost unfair. 

John Tole MC’d Saturday. Love the Tole! 

Dr. Kev is a fascinating guy! He’s like a sexy older guy. I’ll move here [Denver] just to be friends [with him].

Mark and Joe talk about their high anxiety performing at such a pretentious club like Comedy Works.

You just put a high bar for yourself at a club that’s that HOT!

Roy Wood Jr.’s Long Stand Off with Texas

Regular contributor to The Daily Show, Roy Wood Jr. posted a thread on Twitter last Monday explaining why the comedian has been avoiding Texas since 2006.

Before Wood Jr.’s major comedic career, he was mostly known for engaging in prank calls he would make to famous Hip Hop stars. His series caught on and a Houston based record company BCD Records, offered Wood Jr. an album deal.

Like most contract deals, Wood Jr. was limited to whom he could call and prank on this album. BCD Records gave Wood Jr. a list of acceptable prank victims and CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, James Prince was first on the list.

J Prince has a heavy reputation being a boxing and hip hop guru for over 20 years. Prince has been described as soft spoken, with a composed demeanor making him that much more intimidating.

Before Wood Jr. could contemplate his first prank, he was already dialing, ready to pose as a Mom & Pop record store demanding repercussion from Rap-A-Lot Records.

But to Wood Jr.’s surprise, J Prince didn’t offer the slightest bit of amusement. In fact, his response was quite the opposite of what Wood Jr. usually gets.

Instead of playing along, J Prince asked Wood Jr. where he was. When the producer took over the call to apologize, Prince responded, “Ohhhhhh, you with Lucas? I see. I know EXACTLY where y’all at. (to driver) Aye man turn the car around.”

Wood Jr. was so worried after that statement, he packed up and left Houston after only 4 hours of being in the state of Texas for his album deal. He didn’t care about the contract. He didn’t want to face J Prince.

12 years later, Roy Wood Jr. has been presented with the opportunity to apologize to J Prince via telephone on MTV’s TRL.

Wood Jr. opens the conversation apologizing profusely for the prank call back in 2006 and goes on to say he’s ordered 3 of J Prince’s new book, “The Art of Science and Respect.” J Prince immediately smiles and responds that Wood Jr. must’ve caught him on a bad day.

Prince continues to chuckle as Roy Wood Jr. describes his feelings on that day. Wood Jr. said he was supposed to spend 4 days in Houston and he didn’t last 4 hours. Prince said he did remember that day and that he had just been on his way to “laugh with him in person.”

Roy Wood Jr. asked J Prince if he is allowed back in Houston and J Prince responded, “Yeah we good man.”



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*all photos were taken via Roy Wood Jr.’s Twitter Account*

Edith Weiss

This is the face of a woman who could change your entire creative career; Edith Weiss. A writer, director and actor, Weiss has perfected what is known as a ‘Triple Threat,’ and she wants to help you do the same.

She’s published over 30 plays, toured the country as a comedian with the Military, and was head writer and director for all seven of Pham Aly’s (Physically Handicapped Actors & Musical Actors League) Vox Series.

Edith has acted or directed for the Denver Center, the Arvada Center, the Avenue Theater, Nomads, Littleton Town Hall, Backstage Breckenridge, and the Aurora Fox.

Edith is bringing her expertise to the Comedy Works stage for two more months in 2018 and offering The Best Damn Improv Workshop. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, comedian or just an average person looking for their voice, Edith is here to help.

Edith has performed in three professional improvisation groups – Chicken LipsScenic Overbite, and Plastered in Paris. Edith credits improvisation with allowing her to make a living in the arts for most of her life. “For an artist/performer, be it actor, writer, director, comic -improvisation helps you make original choices. In all areas of life, it brings out the artist in you.”

“I went with the idea of never performing, but in hopes of improving my public speaking skills (I practiced law in Denver), and having some fun. It made such a difference to me in making court appearances. Because I was not in court every day, there were times when I would feel a bit rusty, especially in the more formal context of the appellate courts. Improv gave me the chance to stretch out in thinking on my feet, and overcome nervousness standing up in front of people every week. It was great. People came and went, many of us formed permanent friendships, and we always had a lot of laughs. Edith had an ability to bring out peoples’ strengths and improve their weaknesses, really a good director. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
— Jane H.

The Best Damn Improv Workshop will offer two classes: Beginners and Beyond Beginners. Beginners is a class tailored to any performer or person looking to increase their public speaking and communication skills. Beyond Beginners is targeted towards people who’ve taken an improv class before (whether it be this one or not) and would like to take the next step.


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Hippieman’s new identifier

One of Colorado’s best known comedians, a Comedy Works’ regular and Boulder native, “Hippieman” is leaving the building.

After decades of establishing his brand as “Hippieman,” with wirey hair and a wandering eye, John Novosad has been prompted, “Why leave the niche behind?”

Novosad admits it’s a weird transition but it’s something he had been considering for some time.

Photo by The Daily Camera (Matthew Jonas / Staff Photographer)

“I feel like it has a connotation, that it feels like a nostalgia act to me,” [Novosad] said. “And really, I’ve changed a lot over the years. In the 45-minute set, if I am headlining, I have like 3 minutes of weed jokes. I don’t even know what a hippie joke is. l look like a hippie, I guess, but I don’t live in a commune. I pay taxes. I don’t know if hippies pay taxes or not. Technically, I don’t consider myself a hippie.”


Because Novosad is so well-known in the Colorado comedy scene, many people have voiced their opinion on his decision to leave “Hippieman” behind. One of those people being Peter McGraw, a behavioral scientist at the University of Colorado, director of Humor Research Lab and host of the regular podcast, “I’m Not Joking.”

McGrew, hearing of Novosad’s transition, invited him onto his podcast to figure out just why Colorado is losing it’s one and only “Hippieman” in a time of “high” demand.

“I’m intrigued by it, and I’m intrigued because I actually think that the average comedian should be doing the opposite of what John is doing,” McGraw said.


You can watch Novosad featured on the “I’m Not Joking” podcast LIVE on June 16 at 8PM at the Dairy Arts Center!
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Tom Papa Releases Book June 5

Comedy veteran, Tom Papa has announced a debut date for his first book, Your Dad Stole My Rake: And Other Family Dilemmas. This is Papa’s first published novel and it’s packed full of relatable info for anyone with a family. From the “Aunt with a mustache to the Uncle that uses marijuana as a condiment,” Papa exposes all of a family’s classic characters.

“Finally a funny book about parenting. Great observations. Great writing. Actually funny. I’ve always known Tom was hysterical, now I know he is a great writer and a fantastic storyteller. Can Tom Papa write all books?” – Jim Gaffigan, author of Dad is Fat
You can order the book today here!
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Moses Storm starring in potential new tv show

Pop TV has announced the casting for their new half hour comedy pilot, Arranged. Among the two leading characters is Moses Storm, seen on CONAN, Netflix’s Arrested Development and new TV series Youth & Consequencesfor YouTube Red.

Storm will be portraying the character called Alex, the offbeat, charming best friend to the female lead. The two characters end up in a convenient marriage, thus the name, Arranged.

Although Moses can be seen on many TV shows and films, he is currently pursuing his stand-up career.

Moses is at Comedy Works May 31-June3! Get your tickets here!