Robert was a friend; and I mean the real definition of friend, not some show-bizzy version where “my dearest, closest friend” means, “Although we haven’t actually met, the two of us could do business together if someone held guns to our heads.”

We like each other and respected each other, but the first is more important: We liked each other. And I suppose I intentionally started on something else, because there is so much loss in life to balance the gain. I guess we never really look at it each time it shows its face. But there is so much happiness available in life.

And Robert had so much loss in his, but he still had such a gleam of happiness in his eye; and I never knew how he did.

Comedian, Larry Miller on Robert Schimmel (1950-2010)

FX: Bringing the heat

Two of our favorite shows on FX are about to pick up again…

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will kick off Season 6 on September 16th @ 10pm

and The League is back for a second season premiering September 16th @ 10:30pm!

and in case you haven’t been watching already…

Louis CK has his very own series on FX : Louie. Tuesday nights @ 11pm. You can also catch him live in Denver @ The Paramount Theatre November 14

Girl Quits Job on Dry Erase Board…Not really posted a hilarious story about a girl, Jenny, who quit her job on dry erase boards and sent it out to her enitre office. She called out her smelly farmville playing boss and went out with a bang. (click image below for whole set of photos)

Funny stuff! Then I found out her name is not Jenny at all.

it’s Elyse, and this was a hoax.  


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