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Decided to create this blog site, in order to document the events in my life, and share them with my friends, fans, and family. I am facing a living transplant. I’ve known it for a while. Kept it a secret, because I as afraid that it would have a negative impact on my career. But now, because I’m getting more symptomatic, it’s practically impossible to hide.

COCO is with TBS

“According to a press release sent out by the cable network (which, like CNN, is a unit of Time Warner), the comedian is joining TBS to host a late-night show that is expected to debut in November. O’Brien’s show will be followed on TBS’ schedule by George Lopez’s “Lopez Tonight,” which will move to midnight.”

Because of Lamar (billboard company), we will have a lot more Conan in our lives.

Lamar is with Coco His tweets will be displayed 22 feet wide on thousands of digital displays across this great land in the noble hope of putting a little Conan back in all of our lives.  Lamar is with Coco.”