WTF, Marc Maron?

By Thorin Klowsowski Thursday, Jun 16 2011

When comedian Marc Maron launched his podcast, “WTF With Marc Maron,” two years ago, it helped bring his dark comedy to a whole new group of fans. His early career in standup, print, television and radio certainly helped build momentum, but the podcast took him over the edge and introduced him to a wider audience.

But Maron has always been a standup comedian first and foremost, and he’s bringing his comic talent to town for the next four days. As a comedian, he’s more the narrative type, eschewing quick commentary for often long-winded stories sprinkled with jokes about his life, his own neuroses and his own failures. People who are unfamiliar with his standup but know the podcast will still know what to expect. “A lot of what I talk about in the podcast evolves into standup material,” says Maron. “In a sense, it’s helping me generate material and write.”

Maron will be in town tonight through Sunday, with seven shows at the downtown Comedy Works, 1226 15th Street; admission ranges from $16 to $24, depending on the show. For details, or call 303-595-3637 (June 16-19, 2011)
(via Denver Westword)

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