UPROXX interview with Rachel Fienstien

Rachel Feinstein Talks Karaoke, Old Ladies, And Her New Comedy Central Special

UPROXX: I saw that you’d tweeted about doing a few shows at the Comedy Works in Denver. How’d it go?

RACHEL: I love that club so much. It was awesome. That’s one of my favorite clubs in the country. It was my first time, but I kept hearing how great it was from others, so I went and I loved it.

Had you ever been to a show there, or was this your first time being there ever?

It was my first time. I’d done shows at the other location, but it was my first time playing there.

UPROXX: Comics won’t stop telling me how much they love the Comedy Works.

RACHEL: It’s an amazing club. The crowds are great. Schumer taped her album there. Yeah, it’s really good. It was awesome and I had the best time.

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