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The New York Times published an article discussing Yondr, a phone free system used for events (concerts, schools, restaurants, wedding venues, movie theaters and more) in the United States and abroad. Comedy Works is the first Comedy Club in the country to use Yondr.

“…Comedy Works, which has showcased such comedians as George Lopez and Wanda Sykes, has been using Yondr devices at its two clubs in Denver since May. “All of the big artists have said: ‘Wow. Thank you. This is amazing,’” said Wende Curtis, the owner. Patrons have asked if they could buy the device for their homes, she said. (The company only rents the devices now, but is considering selling them in the future.)

…The pouch allows phone signals to get through, so someone can feel a phone vibrate when a message arrives. Anyone who needs access during a show may leave the room, have the device unlocked and use the phone in the lobby or outside — similar to the way smokers light up outside a nonsmoking theater. “Some venue staff have access to their phones at all times inside the space,” Mr. Dugoni [Yondr founded] said, in case of an emergency.

Yondr is not a fad; it is the wave of the future, Mr. Dugoni said.

“I view it as a social movement, and this is one piece of the puzzle,” he said. “It’s about helping people live in the digital age in a way that doesn’t hollow out all of the meaning in your life.”

Read the full article Your Phone’s on Lockdown. Enjoy the Show.

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