Comedy Works featured in an episode of Limelight

The 5: New Audio Comedy Series Covers Clubs Across the US, Here Are 5 Favorite Moments By Interrobang Staff

Limelight is a new audio on demand series, that takes you to comedy clubs around the country, and gives you a chance to hear some of the up and coming comics who are on the road across America in clubs you don’t normally get the chance to visit…

Here are our five favorite moments from the hosts of Limelight, and our five favorite episodes.

1. T.J. Miller on Cluelessness
Introducing himself as the star of Yogi Bear 3D, T.J. Miller helms an excellent episode about “Cluelessness-es”. Miller of course, you also know from Silicon Valley, Deadpool and from just being one of the funniest people on the planet. This episode also features comedy from Tommy Johnagin, who we already adore, from the infamous Comedy Works comedy club in Denver…

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