From Behind a Rock’s Shadow

Nearing the end of his high school career, Jordan Rock was faced with the question we’ve all been faced with at 17: What do I do now?

He grew up with 7 brothers and some were already finding fame. Rock knew he wanted to do something fun for the rest of his life and so he did. He started to pursue comedy. At this time in his life, his eldest brother, Chris, was well-known in Hollywood. As expected, the public assumed Jordan was choosing this career because the path had already been made for him.

Jordan (far right) and Chris Rock with their mother and other brother via New York Daily News

On the contrary, actually, it was harder for Jordan to establish himself as a comedian.

“The first level of it is just showing people you are serious,” said Jordan. “Coming out, people were like ‘he’s just doing it because of his last name’. They kind of feel you out longer than they would other comics. I knew about comedy from my brothers, but I was like, ‘I have a point of view. I have something to say.’” – Jordan Rock to

Jordan told that it wasn’t until he received feedback from Dave Chappelle that he knew he had what it takes to be his own comedian.

After solidifying his sets and showing consistency, his older brother Tony started letting Jordan open for him.

Tony (left) and Jordan (right) Rock via The New York Times

Along with his comedy career, Jordan’s acting career has also begun to build. He just wrapped up season 3 of Netflix’s Love as Kevin.

Catch Jordan Rock at Comedy Works South at the Landmark on May 30 and then Downtown in Larimer Square May 31 – June 2.

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