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Edith Weiss

This is the face of a woman who could change your entire creative career; Edith Weiss. A writer, director and actor, Weiss has perfected what is known as a ‘Triple Threat,’ and she wants to help you do the same.

She’s published over 30 plays, toured the country as a comedian with the Military, and was head writer and director for all seven of Pham Aly’s (Physically Handicapped Actors & Musical Actors League) Vox Series.

Edith has acted or directed for the Denver Center, the Arvada Center, the Avenue Theater, Nomads, Littleton Town Hall, Backstage Breckenridge, and the Aurora Fox.

Edith is bringing her expertise to the Comedy Works stage for two more months in 2018 and offering The Best Damn Improv Workshop. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, comedian or just an average person looking for their voice, Edith is here to help.

Edith has performed in three professional improvisation groups – Chicken LipsScenic Overbite, and Plastered in Paris. Edith credits improvisation with allowing her to make a living in the arts for most of her life. “For an artist/performer, be it actor, writer, director, comic -improvisation helps you make original choices. In all areas of life, it brings out the artist in you.”

“I went with the idea of never performing, but in hopes of improving my public speaking skills (I practiced law in Denver), and having some fun. It made such a difference to me in making court appearances. Because I was not in court every day, there were times when I would feel a bit rusty, especially in the more formal context of the appellate courts. Improv gave me the chance to stretch out in thinking on my feet, and overcome nervousness standing up in front of people every week. It was great. People came and went, many of us formed permanent friendships, and we always had a lot of laughs. Edith had an ability to bring out peoples’ strengths and improve their weaknesses, really a good director. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
— Jane H.

The Best Damn Improv Workshop will offer two classes: Beginners and Beyond Beginners. Beginners is a class tailored to any performer or person looking to increase their public speaking and communication skills. Beyond Beginners is targeted towards people who’ve taken an improv class before (whether it be this one or not) and would like to take the next step.


Get your tickets to The Best Damn Improv Workshop Here!

Hippieman’s new identifier

One of Colorado’s best known comedians, a Comedy Works’ regular and Boulder native, “Hippieman” is leaving the building.

After decades of establishing his brand as “Hippieman,” with wirey hair and a wandering eye, John Novosad has been prompted, “Why leave the niche behind?”

Novosad admits it’s a weird transition but it’s something he had been considering for some time.

Photo by The Daily Camera (Matthew Jonas / Staff Photographer)

“I feel like it has a connotation, that it feels like a nostalgia act to me,” [Novosad] said. “And really, I’ve changed a lot over the years. In the 45-minute set, if I am headlining, I have like 3 minutes of weed jokes. I don’t even know what a hippie joke is. l look like a hippie, I guess, but I don’t live in a commune. I pay taxes. I don’t know if hippies pay taxes or not. Technically, I don’t consider myself a hippie.”


Because Novosad is so well-known in the Colorado comedy scene, many people have voiced their opinion on his decision to leave “Hippieman” behind. One of those people being Peter McGraw, a behavioral scientist at the University of Colorado, director of Humor Research Lab and host of the regular podcast, “I’m Not Joking.”

McGrew, hearing of Novosad’s transition, invited him onto his podcast to figure out just why Colorado is losing it’s one and only “Hippieman” in a time of “high” demand.

“I’m intrigued by it, and I’m intrigued because I actually think that the average comedian should be doing the opposite of what John is doing,” McGraw said.


You can watch Novosad featured on the “I’m Not Joking” podcast LIVE on June 16 at 8PM at the Dairy Arts Center!
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Tom Papa Releases Book June 5

Comedy veteran, Tom Papa has announced a debut date for his first book, Your Dad Stole My Rake: And Other Family Dilemmas. This is Papa’s first published novel and it’s packed full of relatable info for anyone with a family. From the “Aunt with a mustache to the Uncle that uses marijuana as a condiment,” Papa exposes all of a family’s classic characters.

“Finally a funny book about parenting. Great observations. Great writing. Actually funny. I’ve always known Tom was hysterical, now I know he is a great writer and a fantastic storyteller. Can Tom Papa write all books?” – Jim Gaffigan, author of Dad is Fat
You can order the book today here!
Catch Tom Papa LIVE at Comedy Works South at the Landmark in September! 

Moses Storm starring in potential new tv show

Pop TV has announced the casting for their new half hour comedy pilot, Arranged. Among the two leading characters is Moses Storm, seen on CONAN, Netflix’s Arrested Development and new TV series Youth & Consequencesfor YouTube Red.

Storm will be portraying the character called Alex, the offbeat, charming best friend to the female lead. The two characters end up in a convenient marriage, thus the name, Arranged.

Although Moses can be seen on many TV shows and films, he is currently pursuing his stand-up career.

Moses is at Comedy Works May 31-June3! Get your tickets here! 


From Behind a Rock’s Shadow

Nearing the end of his high school career, Jordan Rock was faced with the question we’ve all been faced with at 17: What do I do now?

He grew up with 7 brothers and some were already finding fame. Rock knew he wanted to do something fun for the rest of his life and so he did. He started to pursue comedy. At this time in his life, his eldest brother, Chris, was well-known in Hollywood. As expected, the public assumed Jordan was choosing this career because the path had already been made for him.

Jordan (far right) and Chris Rock with their mother and other brother via New York Daily News

On the contrary, actually, it was harder for Jordan to establish himself as a comedian.

“The first level of it is just showing people you are serious,” said Jordan. “Coming out, people were like ‘he’s just doing it because of his last name’. They kind of feel you out longer than they would other comics. I knew about comedy from my brothers, but I was like, ‘I have a point of view. I have something to say.’” – Jordan Rock to

Jordan told that it wasn’t until he received feedback from Dave Chappelle that he knew he had what it takes to be his own comedian.

After solidifying his sets and showing consistency, his older brother Tony started letting Jordan open for him.

Tony (left) and Jordan (right) Rock via The New York Times

Along with his comedy career, Jordan’s acting career has also begun to build. He just wrapped up season 3 of Netflix’s Love as Kevin.

Catch Jordan Rock at Comedy Works South at the Landmark on May 30 and then Downtown in Larimer Square May 31 – June 2.

CHAPPELLE with STEWART on the road

Dave Chappelle announced he will be touring with Jon Stewart performing stand-up in Houston, Boston and El Paso June 11-24. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 18th at 10am through Ticketmaster.

Photo via


June 11 – Boston, MA – Wang Theatre

June 12 – Boston, MA – Wang Theatre

June 13 – Boston, MA – Wang Theatre

June 21 – Houston, TX – Smart Financial Centre

June 22 – Houston, TX – Smart Financial Centre

June 23 – El Paso, TX – Chavez Theatre

June 24 – El Paso, TX – Chavez Theatre

Netflix Announces “The Degenerates”

“The country’s funniest, delinquent comedians are teaming up for this RAW and EDGY show at Triple B’s in East Fremont… before they all go to hell.” – The Blacklist NYC

You’ve heard of Netflix’s The Standups. Now, Netflix invites you to tune into it’s evil twin sister: The Degenerates. This new special will feature not one, not two but four comedians you’ve seen (or will have the chance to see) LIVE at Comedy Works! Each comedian will get one half hour rated “Not Safe For Work.”

The 6 comedians include: Big Jay Oakerson, Liza Treyger, Christina P, Yamaneika Saunders, Joey “Coco” Diaz and the 6th comedian has yet to be announced.

Joey “CoCo” Diaz 

Big Jay Oakerson




Chris Hardwick Praises Comedy Works for Using Yondr

Chris Hardwick is a comedian, actor, TV host, author, writer and producer. Recently, Hardwick had some good words to share about his past weekend at Comedy Works in April on his podcast called Idiot with Chris Hardwick.

“You sort of forget that people, even if it’s just a little bit, they’re just not in the moment at all times. And having not been in a situation for so long where everyone was just engaged in something without being on their devices, it was… UN-F*%$ING-BELIEVABLE!”

As most Comedy Works’ regulars know, Yondr is a company that we have chosen to create a more substantial comedy experience. Yondr creates little “sleeping bags” for phones that lock with the clasp of a magnet.The phones stay in possession of the owner and are unlock-able at any showroom exit. We use these bags at each show to ensure a quiet, interruption-free environment.

Contrary to Hardwick’s timeline, Comedy Works has used Yondr since 2016, but he was correct in saying Dave Chappelle introduced us to the company.

Yondr hasn’t been limited to our home-club shows. Comedy Works has been seen Yondring at places like the Bellco Theatre and Red Rocks Ampitheatre.