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Skanks for the Memories is 15 years old

Dave Attell recorded his legendary album 15 years ago at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square. Skanks for the Memories reached #24 on the Billboard’s independent albums.

Dave Attell is an absolutely legendary comic and Comedy Works is so proud that he chose to record his album here all those years ago and keeps coming back! Dave is coming to Comedy Works South at The Landmark October 19 + 20…Get your tickets now!

Kyle Kinane is Action Dinosaur

Action Dinosaur is a new animated series funded by a Kickstarter that will feature Kyle Kinane as Action Dinosaur. This comedy series follows a time traveling dinosaur showing homage to the Saturday morning cartoons we all love, while incorporating the quick wit and slickness of modern cartoons. Check out the trailer! This will premiere January 2019 but if you need your Kinane fix, come see him at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square!

The Sklar Brothers Roast Each Other

As many people already know, Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle on Comedy Central is back! This season  on episode 3 you can see a battle that has never been done before, SIBLING VS SIBLING!  The Sklar Brothers roast each other to achieve the ultimate bragging rights at family reunions. Watch the insults fly on Roast Battle,  Sklar Bothers Roast! Then come see them live at Comedy Works Downtown on October 4th through 6th. Get tickets at

David Spade Giving Dating Advice

David Spade was on Anna Faris is Unqualified. If you haven’t heard this podcast before, you should listen to it! Anna Faris and Sim Sarna get emails from their listeners asking for relationship advice. The last 30 minutes of the podcast they call the these listeners and give them unqualified but usually sound advice on the situation. Can you imagine getting a call from Anna Faris and David Spade to help with a relationship problem? Listen to the podcast here. 

Then come see David Spade live at Comedy Works on September 30 – October 2!

Tom Papa’s Baked

Tom Papa is  not only a famous traveling comedian, he is also a bakery connoisseur. His new series on the Food Network premiered September 3rd. Baked aired two back to back episodes, where Tom visited New York, LA, Detorit, and New Oreleans. He will be performing at Comedy Works South at the Landmark September 27th through 29th. Maybe he will find the next best bakery here in Denver.  Get your tickets now at

According to Maron, Why We Are The Best!

Marc Maron was on Your Mom’s House with Tom Segura and Christina P. back in February of this year. All three are in agreement that when performing in Denver, Comedy Works Downtown is where you need to be! Check out the kind opinions of these powerhouse comics on Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 434 w/ Marc Maron

Then come check out Marc Maron for his live stand-up show at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square September 21 and 22! For tickets visit