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Kristin Chenowith To Star In Disney+ Comedy

Comedy specials are starting to be announced for Disney+, the new streaming service that debuted in November from the entertainment mogul.

One of the first to be announced is a new comedy starring Kristin Chenowith. She will be both starring in and executive producing the new series entitled The Biggest Star in Appleton. Currently the show is in the early stages of production without a release date; however, details are starting to surface.

The new show will be shot using a single camera and is a concept that was originally vetted by 20th Century Fox, now a part of the Walt Disney Company with the recent acquisition. Paul Rudnick from popular hits, In & Out and Addams Family Values, is the new show’s creator.

So far, the premise of the show chronicles Carol Dannhauser (played by Chenowith) who is a mother, wife and, waitress in the small town of Appleton, Wisconsin, who gets her deepest satisfaction from local stardom as she performs at the community theater. This sense of bliss becomes threatened when a down-on-her-luck chorus girl from New York comes to town.

Best Holiday Comedies

To get you in the holiday mood, we have complied a list of the best holiday comedies of recent years to help put you in the spirit of the season and fill you with laughter.

In an article in Esquire, they list the top 50 best Christmas movies. On this list, there are multiple comedies including Last Holiday, Elf, and Love Actually. To check out the full list, click HERE.

Holiday comedies are a staple for the season, with new ones coming out each year. Below is a list of our favorites picks for this year along with a short synopsis of each.

A Bad Moms Christmas – While this is a sequel, it follows three moms through the holiday season in their efforts to create the perfect Christmas for their families while each of their moms come to town for a surprise visit. Can they deliver on their vow for larger-than-life celebrations? Click HERE to watch this laugh-out-loud trailer.

Elf – As a toddler Buddy, accidentally grows up at the North Pole and then returns to New York City as an adult to discover the harsh realities of adulthood by searching for his real father. Buddy has to adjust to his new life but also helps restore the Christmas spirit to those who need it. Click HERE to watch the trailer.

Bad Santa – This raunchy comedy follows two con-men as they try to pull off their annual holiday robbery; however, one of the partners isn’t into it this year. Click HERE to check out the trailer for a preview of the hilarity that ensues.

Some honorable mentions include Eight Crazy Nights, Home Alone, The Night Before, and A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas. For some other funny movie suggestions, check out the list compiled by Harpers Bazaar HERE.

Season’s Greetings!

For The Love of Comedy

It is Valentine’s Day and our number one love is Comedy! Comedy that has influenced the next generation of brilliant entertainers. Back in August, CNN wrote an article rating the 50 most influential comedians the world has ever known. These people are timeless and have nothing but given the world much needed love and laughs. Check out these comedic genius, you may find a new favorite! Keep an eye out for some of these comics coming to Comedy Works.

The Benefits of Yondr

It’s been researched that the average adult (18+) spends almost 3 hours a day on their cell phone. For most people, disconnecting is certainly a struggle. However, when we disconnect we are able to connect with the ones around us even more. Here at Comedy Works we are ahead of the game and have already implemented Yondr, a service that allows events to have a phone-free space. Check out what Buzzfeed had to say about it! Watch full video

Rita Rudner

rita rudner
Rita Rudner, the Strip’s $100M woman, to be legendarily honored
– Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Rita Rudner remembers her first gig in Las Vegas, about 30 years ago, at a convention at the Las Vegas Hilton” Full Article

Be sure to catch Rita in Denver for a rare club performance at Comedy Works South at the Landmark on August 25 & 26, 2017. Buy Tickets

Colin Jost in Denver


“I’ve always wanted to come here,” said the Saturday Night Live writer and Weekend Update co-anchor to the audience at the Comedy Works in Downtown Denver this past weekend.

Full 303 Magazine Article Here

Sam Adams

Littleton Independent published Five questions: Sam Adams From clerking to sports writing to stand-up comedy

Read the full article here

Parker comedian Sam Adams says if there were a list of the 20 funniest people in his family, he wouldn't even make the list. Adams, who has been performing stand up comedy since 2001, says he still enjoys going to gigs that don't pay just so he can meet with, and learn from, up-and-coming comedians.
Parker comedian Sam Adams says if there were a list of the 20 funniest people in his family, he wouldn’t even make the list. Adams, who has been performing stand up comedy since 2001, says he still enjoys going to gigs that don’t pay just so he can meet with, and learn from, up-and-coming comedians.

Do you miss the 90s? If yes, it is your lucky day!

Arsenio Hall is coming to Comedy Works July 21 & 22!

His name might ring a bell to some people, but for those who don’t know who he is, will soon be a fan! Hall had his own show “The Arsenio Hall Show,” from 1989 to 1994. Not only was his talk show hilarious, but he also interviewed BIG names. Such as Eddie Murphy, Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Will Smith, Vanilla ice, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and many more.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.19.34 PM

(Click the picture above to see the intro to the Arsenio Hall Show)

Although his intro may have been a tad bit long, and truly 90s, it was one to remember and one that will truly be missed.

BUT guess what? You can see the BIG star, Arsenio Hall LIVE and up close July 21 & 22!!!

Get your Tickets now!!!!

His interview with Eddie Murphy was one to remember!