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Big Time Comedy Show | A Giraldo Family Benefit @ The Wiltern

Tonight! Bill Burr, Daniel Tosh, Dave Attell, Jeff Ross, Tom Papa + Whitney Cummings hit the stage at The Wiltern in LA for : A Big Time Comedy Show – A Giraldo Family Benefit. What a great line up! If you are in Los Angeles, you should definitely check this out. Rest in Peace Greg Giraldo, you are missed! 


Words from comedian Whitney Cummings on the tragic death of Greg Giraldo. RIP


I don’t want to make Greg’s death about me, so I’m conflicted about even saying anything, but if by any chance you don’t already know, Greg was one of the best comedians working. He was fearless and frighteningly brilliant. He was insanely and unnecessarily kind. He inspired me to be a better, smarter, and harder working comedian. He made the job of comedian an honorable profession. He wasn’t just doing comedy so he could get in movies or whatever. After watching him work you thought about the world differently. After watching him perform I always felt stronger as a person but weaker as a comedian. I’m at a loss for what to say or do with regards to his passing but I encourage you to cherish his work. My heart is broken.

We’ll miss you, Greg. RIP.

The comedy world comes together to remember Greg Giraldo…

“Greg was hilarious and always so quick to the punch. The time I spent with him on my roast was a time I’ll never forget. We will always have our memories of him. I know every time I think of him I’ll always smile and remember not only how funny he was but also how nice and gracious he was to me and others around him. The comedy community and I will miss him.”
-Larry the Cable Guy

“Very sad to hear the news about Greg Giraldo. One of the most respected comics I can think of. The world has lost a hysterical man. RIP.”
-Aziz Ansari

“Greg Giraldo. The world has lost a brilliant mind. I was very fortunate to watch Greg at the Laugh Factory many times. He was gutbusting. Rest in Peace.”
-Jamie Kennedy

“Greg Giraldo was a good guy. The kind you’re always glad to see. Also a funny comic and person. He died today. Goodbye friend.”
-Louis CK

“There are no words to express what a shame the passing of Greg Giraldo is. The roasts will be less bright, and the world will be less funny without him. Greg’s smarts – offstage and on – were unparalleled and will be missed for a long time to come.”
-Lisa Lampanelli

“RIP Greg Giraldo. Belly-laugh hilarious, prolific, good & kind. A thousand oys can’t express.”
-Sarah Silverman

“Greg Giraldo. Love and peace. So fucking funny.”
-Bob Saget

“Earth became a lot less interesting yesterday. We’ll miss you Greg. Hilarious always and a sweet, nice man. Prayers for his family.”
-Kathleen Madigan

“Rest In Peace, my sweet friend, Greg Giraldo. You were such an inspiration to me. Never worked with anyone I respected more, or made me laugh harder. So brilliant. Truly the best. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all his friends.”
-Andy Kindler