Top Comedy Specials Of 2020

With the rollercoaster year that was 2020, it is a good time to spend the last few weeks enjoying some much-needed laughs by highlighting the top comedy specials that were released this year.

Many people have been spending more time than usual looking for quality programs to watch with comedy helping to brighten the day. Vulture magazine announced their picks for the year earlier this week in this article. Top picks from the magazine include a variety of talent from Kevin Hart to Maria Bamford. The magazine’s top pick is Marc Maron’s End Times Fun which was filmed prior to the widespread shutdown seen this year by the pandemic. One notable piece in the special is Maron’s Book of Revelation–style closing segment which Vulture describes as “a mishmash of spiritual systems that combines Jesus, Iron Man, and current politics into a bizarre fantasy sequence.”

Other top-pick specials included Leslie Jones’ Time Machine, Patton Oswalt’s I Love Everything, and Fortune Feimmster’s Sweet and Salty. The best platform for viewing all of these comedy specials seems to be Netflix with a majority of them being available through that streaming service.

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