Comedy Central Celebrates Black History Month With Comedy

With February being Black History Month, the cable television network, Comedy Central, is going to celebrate by airing a special docuseries featuring prominent Black comedians entitled Dark Humor.

According to Vulture, the series will have nine parts and focus on a mixture of current topics and how these issues are intertwined with comedy. The first episode airs this week to kick-off the month, airing on Comedy Central’s YouTube channel with new episodes being released each week at 12pm EST on Mondays. Dark Humor will include many notable appearances from Tommy Davidson, Lil Rel Howery, Eddie Griffin, Roy Wood Jr., Sinbad, along with others. Many of them have been in the comedy scene for a while with some having performed at Comedy Works. In addition to these well-known Black comedians, the series will also share commentary from Harvard professor, Glenda Carpio, who teaches African and African American studies, and famous talent producer Bob Sumner.

Topics that will be covered in the different episodes range from comedy and politics, Black women in comedy, the art of speaking out on current social issues of the time, and the experiences of performing for different types of audiences. While some of the topics can admittedly be a little tough, the creators behind the series believe that with a little bit of laughter and light-heartedness, they might just be a little easier and more authentic. When asked, participant Roy Wood Jr. said “Black comedians are some of the most important journalists in America. We are the ones that are responsible for taking complicated and painful issues and sprinkling a couple of laughs inside of it so you can actually digest what the hell is going on.”

Click HERE to watch the first episode right now. In addition to raising awareness, Dark Humor is also serving as a fundraising source for Comedy Central’s partner for this docuseries, Color of Change, who is leading the charge for equality while aiming to provide some humor in the interim.

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