Hippieman’s new identifier

One of Colorado’s best known comedians, a Comedy Works’ regular and Boulder native, “Hippieman” is leaving the building.

After decades of establishing his brand as “Hippieman,” with wirey hair and a wandering eye, John Novosad has been prompted, “Why leave the niche behind?”

Novosad admits it’s a weird transition but it’s something he had been considering for some time.

Photo by The Daily Camera (Matthew Jonas / Staff Photographer)

“I feel like it has a connotation, that it feels like a nostalgia act to me,” [Novosad] said. “And really, I’ve changed a lot over the years. In the 45-minute set, if I am headlining, I have like 3 minutes of weed jokes. I don’t even know what a hippie joke is. l look like a hippie, I guess, but I don’t live in a commune. I pay taxes. I don’t know if hippies pay taxes or not. Technically, I don’t consider myself a hippie.”


Because Novosad is so well-known in the Colorado comedy scene, many people have voiced their opinion on his decision to leave “Hippieman” behind. One of those people being Peter McGraw, a behavioral scientist at the University of Colorado, director of Humor Research Lab and host of the regular podcast, “I’m Not Joking.”

McGrew, hearing of Novosad’s transition, invited him onto his podcast to figure out just why Colorado is losing it’s one and only “Hippieman” in a time of “high” demand.

“I’m intrigued by it, and I’m intrigued because I actually think that the average comedian should be doing the opposite of what John is doing,” McGraw said.


You can watch Novosad featured on the “I’m Not Joking” podcast LIVE on June 16 at 8PM at the Dairy Arts Center!
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