Joel Kim Booster 2.0

I am less interested in solving problems with my comedy now.

Comedian Joel Kim Booster, a 30 year old Chicago native, has begun a metamorphosis in his career. Identifying as a gay, Korean-American man and growing up with Evangelical foster parents,  Booster used to rely on his comedy as a form of therapy. His act largely focused on his sexuality and being oppressed as a minority within a minority.

Booster has recognized a shift in the comedic environment. He no longer feels the need to work out his traumas on stage. Booster admits he fell into sync with horrendous Asian stereotypes and worked them out on stage. He recalls seeing things like “No Asians” on dating apps that would teach him to feel like he was less desirable and accept dates he normally would not have. Now that Booster has been able to take a step back and realize he was feeding into the BS, he’s decided to find a new voice in his comedy.

I’m in an interesting new phase of figuring out what my voice is and trying not to rely on identity stuff.

Booster’s material is taking a rather different approach to modern society. He’s decided to avoid reality all together, not because he doesn’t see reality’s importance, but because of the pressure to or not to make jokes about the Trump Administration, Fake News, and pressing social issues. Booster’s new act will entail a “divorced from reality scenario with gay men owning the sky and straight people owning the land,” he told The Huffington Post.

My thoughts about racism are so serious, and I don’t go to a funny place anymore when I read the news. 

Catch Joel Kim Booster at Comedy Works Downtown September 13th through 15th.

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