Introduction to favorite podcasts

Podcasts changed the entertainment industry for better or for worse. In many ways, podcasting becoming a global phenomenon has propelled hard working comedians into the stratosphere. Some comedians have been doing comedy for 20 years and now can make it big on their own terms. The executives and gatekeepers are still there but do not carry as much clout as they once did. Not only are fans getting a weekly dose of their favorite people in entertainment, but also they can connect with the comics and sometimes have inside jokes or a secret language that only fans of the pod would understand. (FGTRTD for all those mommies out there).

For all the good that can come from comedian’s podcasts for fans and talent alike, there are downsides. A stand up set is a planned and deliberate telling of thoughts and ideas that are meant to evoke laughter.  Comics for the most part aren’t aiming to offend but to entertain unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t always work. Like bombing on stage, even the best of the best have off nights/days and say things that were funny in their head but when it was said aloud…it didn’t come out the exact way in which it was intended. Podcasts are, for the most part, friends sitting down with friends learning more about each other and breaking down the fourth wall to help the fans get a closer connection with their audience. Every word is recorded and aired without the ability to test the material beforehand so of course every 3 hour podcast that you listen to will not be squeaky clean and hilarious because just like everyone else, comics are human and say things they don’t mean or take something out of context. But if you want to be in this industry that is just a risk that you must be willing to take and fans couldn’t be happier that our favorite comics are willing to take that risk for our entertainment.

With all that being said, every Friday there will be a new blog about Comedy Works’ favorite podcasts. They could be new podcasts like 5 words with Sean Patton and Caitlin Cook, podcasts that have finished like Crabfeast with Jay Larson and Ryan Sickler, or shows that set the tone and landscape for the current podcast culture like Opie and Anthony. Check in next Friday to see which podcast will be the first of our favorites.

Who knows soon this may become a podcast about how great other podcasts are. There is a place for everything and everyone in the world of podcasting.

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