The Importance of Laughter

In an effort to truly make our blog the voice of Comedy Works, we have opened it up to all of the employees of the club. We have asked them to contribute everything and anything they find interesting, funny, relevant, pointless, etc. here is our first submission!

The Importance of Laughter
So this is a blog. I get to pretend that someone beside my English teacher is going to read something that I have written. I’ll do my best to make it grammatically correct anyway. I am a waitress at Comedy Works Downtown and I’m an aspiring comic. There are few things that I want to say that go unsaid, but if you are bored enough to be reading this, I’d like you to know the following.
There is nothing better than laughter. I know that is a bold statement to make with all the amazing things there are on the planet. Being a person with a fine appreciation for music, art, and sex I think I have perspective on this. Also being a person who has survived such joys in life as death of loved ones, illness, failure, heartbreak, and the Squire Lounge open mic, I know that there is really nothing better than laughter. If you don’t have laughter in your life, it isn’t worth living.
Comedy Works has laughter for you. Ready to order. (Along with your traditionally respected two item minimum per person in the show room.) Denver is a bourgeoning hot spot of intelligent comics, shocking comics and all kinds of wannabes. In short, there is no shortage of laughter in Denver. If you are in the vicinity and not currently laughing I recommend that you come down immediately. Even if you make it out on New Talent night, where anybody with the patience enough to call in every week for months at a time can get up and try to be a comic, you are guaranteed to laugh.
Everybody has woes. That isn’t a secret of the times, it’s just fact. Everybody has something to scream or cry about so in order to maintain balance in this modern reality you’ve got to find something to laugh about. The best example of people who are trying to find their balance by laughing at life, is comics. There is a warm and supportive group of narcissists in Denver that allow each other to grow and develop their comedy. (I could describe them in other ways as well but unless you’re one of them, the previous is all you need to know.) Another group of individuals that love to laugh and see you laugh is the staff of Comedy Works. In fact that has become my goal in life. I want to make you laugh. I might be better at serving you cocktails to lube up your laughter muscles than I am at actually making you laugh, but I promise I’m working on my tray dropping skills everyday…in an effort to be better at making you laugh. (Unless I drop a drink on you, then I beg of you, please laugh!) This is one of those moments where I have attempted a joke and realized that it is lame and needs to be explained. If I suck at waitressing (which I don’t) I would be better at comedy. Clearly that is not the case. If you still don’t get it, just know that I’m better live. And you can have a cocktail.
So if you are unemployed, healing a broken heart, contemplating murder or just bored with the banal nature of existence you should treat yourself to the best joy in life: laughter.

—The Waitress

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