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Inside Jokes

Thursday, Apr 28 2011 [Westword]

Kumail Nanjiani might not be a name you immediately recognize, but chances are youll recognize his face. The comedian has appeared on a number of shows, from Saturday Night Live to Late Show With David Letterman, with acting stints on Portlandia, Michael and Michael Have Issues and The Colbert Report. And this weekend, hes taking over the Comedy Works with his blend of geeky love and laughs. 

A lot of comedians will define themselves by what they dont like, says Nanjiani. But I always try to define myself by what I like. Its that precedence that helps separate him from the thralls of grumpy comedians out there. When he talks about any variety of topics, whether its The X-Files, Call of Duty, or comic books, he does it with a passion thats hard to deny. I grew up in Pakistan, continues Nanjiani, but I had a Sega Genesis and I watched a movie every day. Most kids would get darker over the summer, but Id get lighter because I stayed indoors and played.