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Meet Ben Roy

Meet Ben Roy; Comedian, Actor, Father, Husband, Lead Singer, Host, Martial Artist, Sword Owner

As far as comedy goes, this is about how it works right now. I love headlining the Comedy Works, I get excited for every set there, but this is all part of the process. The big rush I get now is trying to sell TV shows. We sold the one we did, now we have three other projects we’re actively pitching. That’s the new high. IMMA BE ON TV, MAMA!!!

by Luke Henderson

In your ear and on the rise: Stand-up Maron

Who says there are no second acts in American lives?

Well, F. Scott Fitzgerald did. But with apologies to one of America’s finest novelists, Marc Maron is proving him wrong. Again.

The 47-year-old, who headlines Comedy Works Thursday through June 19, is arguably entering the third act of his life — the one that finds him touring nationally, signing a book deal and grabbing some long-awaited mainstream recognition. (read whole article here) 

get your tickets to see him live at comedy works downtown here!

Dozens of Denver comics are coming together to support one of their own at Loripalooza! Lori Callahan, one of our beloved local talents, needs our help (You can read more about it here) and we have a kickass show so you can come and show your support! Purchase a ticket for $10 and also get your name entered to win tons of awesome prizes that have been donated! You can call 303.595.3637 to purchase over the phone or you can visit our website to purchase online. We appreciate all of you, spread the word!