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Comedy Works marks 30 years with Darrell Hammond, others

Comedy Works marks 30 years with Darrell Hammond, others

Comedy Works 30th Anniversary Photo-Scavenger Hunt!

WHAT & WHEN: Comedy works is proud to launch a photo-scavenger hunt that will be taking place from Friday, September 2th through Friday, September 23rd.

We will be posting a total of 30 objectives over the course of 3 weeks, releasing 2 new objectives each weekday morning, via Facebook, Twitter and our Comedy Works Tumblr blog. If you are not a fan of our Comedy Works Fan Page or following us on Twitter, do so today! Encourage friends to join you in this endeavor as well!

HOW & WHERE: After the tasks are posted, your job is to go find that place or thing and take a picture of yourself as described in the objective. Each photo must be in the named location and you must be doing an impression or the action described in each photo. You MUST be in every picture!

SUBMISSION: Once all 30 objectives are released and you have completed each one, create an album on Facebook with each photo, IN ORDER of the objectives as they were released and send us the link on Facebook. We will then evaluate each submission. All submissions must be received by Monday, October 3rd at 10:00 am MST.

PRIZES: Everyone that has submitted a complete album of each objective will receive a $25 Comedy Works Gift Card, valid towards admission at select shows.

We will also be giving 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in two categories:

Best Overall Album and Funniest Overall Album

 • 1st Place: Dinner for 2 at Lime & 2 tickets to ANY SHOW at Comedy Works

• 2nd Place: Dinner for 2 at Lime & 2 tickets to select shows at Comedy Works

• 3rd Place: 2 tickets to a select show at Comedy Works and Comedy Works apparel

We will also reward participants for the Best Photo at certain locations or for certain objectives.


  1. Laugh Out Loud in front of Comedy Works Downtown or South at The Landmark
  2. Hug the bear in front of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Writer’s Square
  3. Roar with the Lions in front of Capital Grille
  4. Livestock downtown? Find the cow on 16th street mall!
  5. Froyo has taken Denver by storm! Take a picture in front of Kuulture in Writer’s Square enjoying your favorite!
  6. Larimer Square has so many shops! Show us your favorite.
  7. Look at the time! The D&F clock tower just struck the hour! Check your watch in front of it!
  8. Channel your inner Ray Charles and play one of the pianos on 16th St. Mall
  9. Shop ‘til you drop! Take a picture holding some shopping bags!
  10. What’s the best way to get around town? Take a picture on or near an RTD ride!
  11. One of the best bike cities in America, ride a Denver B-Cycle!
  12. Colorado is the fittest state in the US! Show why by “climbing” the REI’s massive climbing wall!
  13. Spring, Summer and Fall are the seasons of construction, sight a site and get to work!
  14. Take me out to the ball game… Show us your home run swing in front of Coors Field!
  15. Denver has a lot of dog parks, go find a furry friend!
  16. Historic Union Station used to have a lot of train traffic, like a conductor, toot your horn as you roll into town!
  17. Feeling lucky tonight? Head to the best place in town to get a strike and show us your bowling pose in front of Lucky Strike Lanes!
  18. Let’s catch a flick! Check the movie showtimes in front of the Pavilions!
  19. Quite the unconventional building, show us your best Blue Bear impression at the Denver Convention Center!
  20. So You Think You Can Dance? Show us your moves with The Dancers in front of the Denver Performing Arts Complex!
  21. Get swept away at the Denver Art Museum! Sweep with the Big Sweep broom and dustpan out front!
  22. Show me the money! Show us some coin in front of the U.S. Mint!
  23. God Bless America! Salute a flag today!
  24. Show us your best Air Guitar outside The Fillmore Auditorium
  25. Swing over to the park and relive your childhood, show us you still got it on the swingset!
  26. Lounge the day away in Civic Center Park!
  27. Got altitude? Head to exactly 1 Mile High on the steps of the Capitol Building!
  28. Colorado is known for its amazing vistas. Show us your favorite view of the mountains!
  29. Denver City & County Building is lit up every night! Light your face up in front of it!
  30. Send a picture of whatever best describes YOU!


WTF, Marc Maron?

By Thorin Klowsowski Thursday, Jun 16 2011

When comedian Marc Maron launched his podcast, “WTF With Marc Maron,” two years ago, it helped bring his dark comedy to a whole new group of fans. His early career in standup, print, television and radio certainly helped build momentum, but the podcast took him over the edge and introduced him to a wider audience.

But Maron has always been a standup comedian first and foremost, and he’s bringing his comic talent to town for the next four days. As a comedian, he’s more the narrative type, eschewing quick commentary for often long-winded stories sprinkled with jokes about his life, his own neuroses and his own failures. People who are unfamiliar with his standup but know the podcast will still know what to expect. “A lot of what I talk about in the podcast evolves into standup material,” says Maron. “In a sense, it’s helping me generate material and write.”

Maron will be in town tonight through Sunday, with seven shows at the downtown Comedy Works, 1226 15th Street; admission ranges from $16 to $24, depending on the show. For details, visitwww.comedyworks.com or call 303-595-3637 (June 16-19, 2011)
(via Denver Westword)

In your ear and on the rise: Stand-up Maron

Who says there are no second acts in American lives?

Well, F. Scott Fitzgerald did. But with apologies to one of America’s finest novelists, Marc Maron is proving him wrong. Again.

The 47-year-old, who headlines Comedy Works Thursday through June 19, is arguably entering the third act of his life — the one that finds him touring nationally, signing a book deal and grabbing some long-awaited mainstream recognition. (read whole article here) 

get your tickets to see him live at comedy works downtown here!